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FOREST MEDIA LTD was set up by content creation, distribution and TV programming professionals who have worked in major distribution companies and broadcast houses. Also main content suppliers to all the biggest broadcast platforms in Africa.
Our combined experiences span close to 20 years of intense activities in the television industry.
We also work as TV audience growth consultants and in that capacity have been able to witness the birthing, growth and sustenance of several TV stations.
Our advices and suggestions to our client broadcast houses have been predicated on research garnered from typical viewers on what they perceive should be the ideal contents on TV.
From this vantage positions we also have identified reasons why some broadcast houses, grow and some fail to grow. IT’S ALL ABOUT CONTENT
It is in response to these, that we have embarked on the creation of prime African themed channels we are sure would be viewers’ favorites.
Our target is to ultimately create 30 African content channels, which we believe would offer opportunities for African platforms to effectively claw subscribers from the already existing behemoths.
As we write, our channels have been adjudged the best viewed channels on platforms where they are currently running.